Orchidea Frutta

All the goodness of fruit on your table


The company


We believe in our work and in total customer satisfaction.

That is why we select the best of the earth’s produce for you, chosen and monitored at every stage, to bring freshness and wholesomeness to your table every day. This challenging task, which this company and its owners have taken on, has become the cornerstone of an image of professionalism and reliability.

We take care of the production and procurement of the earth’s produce and in recent years, we have concentrated on the selection, packaging, and rapid shipping of the final product for swift distribution, ensuring its absolute freshness. ORCHIDEA FRUTTA is therefore in control of all the critical stages that lead the produce from its cultivation to its consumption.



By nature, the company specialises in grapes, cherries, and artichokes. For these products, the company sources from its own fertile lands and the finest producers in the Apulia region. The lands, widely acknowledged as among the most favourable and generous in the world, contribute to the exceptional quality of the produce. Part of the production is also carried out in other fertile lands such as Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.

The company’s efficient organisation allows the packaged produce to be placed on markets throughout Europe and other continents in the shortest possible time. This is why we can confidently say that we bring the best of our harvest to tables around the world.